Travel Journal

Bye Bye Rosey

(Monday 3 November 2008) by FT.JACKSON BOUND
:-( Woke up, packed up, went straight to Smithsonian Air & Space museum. We spent hours there. We could have spent weeks and still not have seen every thing. We had a blast in there, overwhelmed with information! We all flew in flight simulators, sooo exciting! We went from there to Aberdeen Proving Ground, which will be Rosey's new Post (home & school). We got her signed in, and unpacked then spent some time saying our goodbyes. We were all driving away overcome with sadness as we tore ourselvs away from her. She called us, and caught us all crying, she thought we were lame. She is such a strong, proud soldier, and way too cool!!B-) Now that we have put her back in the millitary's care we must drive home in the emptiness of her void. We all still have each other and will always hold the memories of this wonderful journey with her close to our hearts*_*.

We drove from there to the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains where we saw a breath taking sunset with explosions of color radiating from the autumn leaves. By now worked up a pretty good appetite, so we stopped and ate a yummy dinner at a little diner called "Apple House" resting on the side of a mountain. Now we are rolling straight through the darkness of night, non stop to Texas :-|



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